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2023 SIGBIT Workshop on Web3 Technologies and Ecosystems (Online)
(in conjunction with International Conference on Information Systems)

Date & Time: December 09, 2023 9:00 AM India
Zoom Meeting ID: 837 2639 1987
Passcode: 09122023

Notice: The workshop is scheduled based on Indian Standard Time, commencing at 9:00 AM IST (GMT+5:30), which is equivalent to 11:30 AM China Standard Time (CST, GMT+8), 4:30 AM Central European Time (CET, GMT+1) and 2:30 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, GMT+11). Please kindly adjust the timeline according to your respective time zone.



Welcome and opening remarks (10 minutes)

Session 1: Securely decentralized

09:10 – 09:35

Risks and Regulatory Issues with Decentralized Finance
Anjali Kaushik and Monisha Purwar

09:35 – 10:00

Securing User Privacy through Honeytokens: an application for Web Browser
Bohang Nie, Qingfeng Tan, Yu Jiang, Hexuan Fan, Bo Hu and Brij B Gupta

10:00 – 10:25

Blockchain network for quality product control information system – a case study
Aneta Poniszewska-Maranda, Michał Pawlak and Maciej Kopa

Coffee break (10 minutes)

Session 2: Governance of DAO, DeFi, and NFT market

10:35 – 11:00

Re-emergence of Intermediation in a Free Market: The Case of NFTs
Tejas Kotha, Kushagra Bhatnagar, Leona Chandra Kruse and Matti Rossi

11:00 – 11:25

Balancing Openness and Control: The Impact of Entry Barriers on User-Generated Content in DAO
Wei Wang, Dominik Gutt and Ting Li

11:25 – 11:50

Competency or investment? The impact of NFT design features on product performance
Yanxin Wang, Jingzhao An, Xiaoni Lu and Xi Zhao

11:50 – 12:15

A blockchain-based Triangulation Model for Containing Financial Information Frauds
Manli Wu and J. Leon Zhao

Lunch break (45 minutes)

Session 3: Web3 and Digital Creations

13:00 – 13:25

Debunking NFTs: A typology of art market configurations
Tejas Kotha, Kushagra Bhatnagar, Leona Chandra Kruse and Matti Rossi

13:25 – 13:50

NFT beyond the hype How token economy impacts creative entrepreneurship
Abena Asante, Katharina Luisa Drechsler and Leona Chandra Kruse

13:50 – 14:15

Agenda Setting for the Web 3.0 Generation and the Metaverse Turn in Education
Shujia Fan, Brian Yecies, Ivy Zhou and Jun Shen

Award ceremony and closing remarks (30 minutes)

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